Town of Palm Beach Federal Credit Union Online

Loan Rates

Effective March 1, 2021

New Vehicles as low as1 2.49%
Used Vehicles as low as1 3.29%
New Motorcycles as low as1 5.75%
Used Motorcycles as low as1 6.25%
Title Loans as low as1 6.00%
Personal Loans as low as1 5.00%
Consolidation Loans as low as1 6.50%
Education Loans as low as1 6.00%
Special Annual Loans as low as1
(with credit report)
Special Annual Loan as low as1
(without credit report)
Appliance / Computer Loans as low as1 16.00%
Share/Certificate Secured
     up to 12 months  as low as1 2.50%
     up to 24 months  as low as1 3.00%
     up to 36 months  as low as1 3.25%
     up to 48 months  as low as1 3.50%
     up to 60 months  as low as1 3.75%

Rates are subject to change and are based on term and individual's creditworthiness. 1The above rates reflect the maximum discounts available, for more information contact a credit union representative.